Rent To Own Homes

Rent To Own Homes free listings was established as a way of helping you into your first home without having to climb over the hurdles associated with the arduous bank approval process. We found a way for you to own your own home with:

  • Low Deposit requirements
  • No Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (LMI)
  • Rates Comparable to the major banks
  • Better value houses
  • Bad credit accepted

Rent to own homes free listings


Rent to own homes is type of a contract whereby there is an agreement, of specified period, with the option to rent and buy at a future date. The tenant can ensure that they improve their credit or save up some cash to qualify for buying the property later. Usually in such a contract there is limited period. An agreement to acquire homes on long term basis is the best option to acquire property because it will provide a chance for you to buy the property before the lease ends and relatively the most real estate bought through rent to own is a little bit cheaper. The lease agreements are standard with all the necessary details such as the rent payment, the due date to pay, and the person in charge of the responsibilities for all the utilities. Professionals legally review the contracts so there are minimal chances of scammers to take advantage of the tenant because there are licensed lawyers that assist in the transaction for your safety. All that you need to do is to read before you fill in then answer all the questions asked, and then the document is printed and signed. You can have it in print form or in soft copy as per the agreement of the parties.


This is a legal contract between a seller and a buyer/ tenants to buy property with future closing date. The deposit is usually non-refundable and usually paid through cash. The agreement requires the buyer in rent to own to give some amount of money as stated in the contract. Your rent payment will go towards the seller’s mortgage while the premiums payments become the down payment of the mortgage. The purchase of rent to own work is the same as that of the real estate and the contracts filled are similar. Most people engage in rent to own business for a variety of reasons. One is because there is no credit check and, secondly, they provide an opportunity to acquire merchandise that one could not have acquired. Rent to own property transactions could be in weekly or monthly terms. This is achieved by renewing the lease by paying renewal fee or terminating with no future aim of returning the property. Sometimes consumers who get into rent to own agreements maybe unaware of the long term costs when compared to traditional deposit plans that have no additional financial outlays.

Rent to own


Agreements to lease purchase property have insurance policies that cover up all the property and mostly buyers are usually lucky because the price is usually appealing. · After signing the contract the buyer has all rights to purchase until the end of lease period, so the seller cannot let anyone buy the property during the agreed period. · It’s of advantage to the seller when a buyer decides not to purchase under circumstances which the buyer has paid for the down payment and premiums. · It provides an opportunity to acquire merchandise that one could not have acquired through purchasing. Tenants who have credit problems are given room to live in their home as they fix their financial problems. ·During the term of agreement, tenants have rights to refuse to buy the property or walk away and leave their deposits. · The owner has an option of selling the property to another buyer or nullifies the contract if the tenant is unwilling to buy the property.


Mostly rental property may be affected by lack of regulation; unfair sellers may take advantage of deals that come up. · Sometimes extra responsibilities come up that are outside the contract and it makes the rent credit go higher than expected. · If a market declines, the buyer pays the amount stated in the contract to own homes and just in case you give up on the property, you lose the amount of money you paid. · Just in case the buyer has not yet signed the contract, there are chances that the price may rise especially if the lease takes several years. · It is legally binding and one has to deliver fully. · If you are not able to keep up time on rent payment, you may not be in a position to qualify for mortgage for fear of credit problems. · Just in case you default your payments any premiums paid before are lost. · Sometimes consumers who get into rent to own agreements may be unaware of the long-term costs when compared to traditional deposit plans that have no additional financial outlays.


Lease to own homes is a contract with the option of buying property within a certain period stated in the agreement after getting into terms with the price. Neither the property nor any part of the property should be used at any time during the term of lease to carry any business or trade. Lease-purchase agreements may be of benefits to both parties. Mostly buyers know less about the market and seller provides the contract so they both liaise and give them room for both of them to sell the property without the tenant purchasing it by themselves. Lease to own allows the tenant to have time to raise money and boost credit scores. The buyer gets relief from the burden of long-term commitment of buying a property and this option provides to consider any further pros and cons and any other responsibilities that may come up. Sellers in lease to own property are protected well and chances of loosing are minimal than a traditional renter because the tenant may decide otherwise and fail to purchase the home so they are usually left with the original rent payment and the rent deposits paid. The current buyer signs the contract to buy property with the aim raising amounts over the time guaranteed for the mortgage. Lease to own has an option of the tenant purchasing a property which he/she follows through to buy before the lease term ends. Supposing the buyer breaks the contract he/she loses his down payment broken contract.




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